Shockwave and Flash

Our site uses both Shockwave and Flash plugins to create the interactive content which appears in your browser.

Shockwave Test

Flash Test

You should see a rocket animation in both the Shockwave and Flash tests. If you do not see an animation for one of these, click the Get Shockwave or Get Flash button to obtain the latest version.


Worksheets in PDF Format

Many of our printable worksheets are distributed in PDF format. On a Macintosh computer runing OS X you should be able to view and print these worksheets without any additional software. Other computer systems may require you to download the Adobe Reader application. Click below to download the reader from Adobe's website.

Minimum System Requirements

For our interactive content to work acceptably, you should be using a system which matches or exceeds the following:




Mac OS X 10.4 with Intel processors


Intel Pentium IV 600MHz or higher

Power Macintosh


Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or later
Microsoft Windows Vista



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